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Printing the Bridge of Tomorrow

3D printing technology has been exploding with growth as the cost to get in the game has reduced drastically.  Costco even sells a desktop 3D printer now for less than the cost of a new computer.  For manufacturing, the new technology and process has been limited on the size, though not the scope, of the things it can produce.  From aircraft engine and equipment parts, to everyday household items, the cost saving manufacturing process has looked appealing to businesses closely watching its development.Now a Dutch research and development company, MX3D, has taken the 3D printing process "out of the box” by attaching the printing components to an industrial 6-axis robot.  Their goal is to build an ornate, functional steel bridge over a downtown canal in Amsterdam.
 MX3D has been developing extrusion technology.  Three years ago they created a fast curing additive manufacturing resin to build larger scale objects on any surface.  According to MX3D, the free standing objects can be built on any inclination or smoothness and without the need for support structures.

This resin, coupled with the industrial robotic printing ool they call MX3D Metal, has given them the ability to print using metals like steel, aluminum, bronze and copper.
According to David Thomasson, an Autodesk principal research engineer, "This project is representative of what we believe to be the future of construction – a future that relies heavily on generative design and robotic fabrication technologies to solve complex design problems in efficient, safe, sustainable, and beautiful ways.” 
MX3D Bridge

A concept render of the  MX3D Metal technology as it uses 3D  printing to create a bridge.  Image credit: Joris Laarman for MX3D

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